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2022 Maha sanghika dana & International Buddhist Forum

For the past two months, we have been working tirelessly to making this event possible. Due to the pandemic, things are much harder to achieve.

However, with much perseverance and guidance from our Teacher, Palden Nyima Rinpoche as well as assistance from various parties like World Alliance of Buddhists - WAB, and blessings from the Three Jewels, we manage to pull this through with members and delegates from various countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and lastly Malaysia. They presence provided a precious opportunity for the devotees to accumulate merits.

To show our sincerity, we welcomed the arrival of each group of Sangha members and delegates ourselves. On 6/8/2022, we invited them to welcome dinner with some performances.

International Buddhist Forum

On the second day, we brought the sangha members and delegates for sightseeing tour to KLCC and Batu Caves before we proceed to Nirvana Center KL 富贵生命馆 -Nirvana 2, KL for World International Buddhist Forum. We were fortunate enough to learn from various Buddhist Teachers from the Three Yanas sharing their views on the topic of ‘Facing Difficulties in Life, Achieving Through Right Effort’.

On 7/8/2022, Mahasanghika Dana was held at Palace of the Golden Horses with about 200 monks attending. It was such a meritorious and auspicious event with disciples of the Supreme Teacher from the Three Yanas gather together, enabling the attendees accumulate vast merits through sangha offering in various means. It was a successful yet meaningful event with the aspiration to alleviate the negativity and boost positivity during this post pandemic period.

It was followed by thumbs up performances by two prominent Buddhist songs artists Drukmo Gyal and Cheychay phubzam.

Words cannot express our thankfulness and kudos to those who made this event happened especially to the generous sponsors in various means, volunteers who spent their precious time in helping us and lastly to those who attended.

We rejoice in their merits and hope the merits grow even further.

We aspire to have this event again in the near future with the hope of benefit more sentient beings.


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