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About Palden Nyima Rinpoche

Founder of Kunzang Chokhor Ling

Palden Nyima Rinpoche (Literally translated: Glorious Sun), is a contemporary Buddhist monk from the Nyingma Vajrayana School of Buddhism.

At the age of seven (7), Rinpoche was sent to Mipham Monastery together with his siblings.  Since then, he began his spiritual training under one of the greatest Dzogchen masters of Eastern Tibet of our time, Khenchen Rig Tsel Dorje Rinpoche. 


​Palden Nyima Rinpoche received many important teachings, transmissions and pith instructions from Khenchen Rig Tsel Dorje Rinpoche, among them are The Great Perfection (Dzogchen), 100 Peaceful & Wrathful Deities (Zhi-khro ), The Words of My Perfect Teacher (Kun-Zang La-May Zhal-Lung) and The Guhyagarbha Tantra (Gyu Sangwa Nyingpo), the widely renowned Mahayoga Tantra of Early Translations.

Later, Palden Nyima Rinpoche also studied under Khenpo Zangpo Thupjyal Rinpoche where he received the teachings and transmission of The Bodhisattvacaryāvatāra.

Besides Khenchen Rig Tsel Dorje and Khenpo Zangpo Thupjyal, Rinpoche also received many important empowerments, transmissions and pith instructions from renowned Vajrayana Master such as (but not limited to);

H.E Lama Sami Rinpoche, H.E Khenpo Wangdi Rinpoche, H.H Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, H.H Jigme Puntsok Rinpoche, H.H Penor Rinpoche, H.H Trulshik Rinpoche, and H.H Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche.

Besides all that above, Rinpoche is also trained in the art of Thangka at Tsering Art School of Shechen Monastery. Having traveled over thirty countries to spread dharma teachings and actively involved in dharma activities, he is a very humble monk and easily connect with his disciples from various countries, and others who is interested to learn the Buddha’s teachings.

Beginning of Kunzang Chokhor Ling

Palden Nyima Rinpoche was requested by his disciples to establish a Vajrayana Buddhist centre in Malaysia in 2015. At that time, he was more inclined to continue his studies in Tibet or Nepal. Nevertheless, he consulted with his teacher then, His Holiness the 4th Dodrupchen Rinpoche, Kyabje Thupten Thrinle Palzang and seeked his advice. Dodrupchen Rinpoche advised him to teach in Malaysia or Singapore since he was knowledgeable in the Dharma.


From that meeting, Rinpoche obtained two envelopes from Dodrupchen Rinpoche's assistant, one containing his name "Palden Nyima" and another the name of the association, "Kunzang Chokhor Ling". It is from this meeting that the inspiration to establish Kunzang Chokhor Ling Buddhist Association was set in motion. The society was established and registered with the Malaysian Registrar of Societies in November 2015.

Advice from Rinpoche


To all my respectful disciples and whoever is reading this,

I believe that most of you are highly educated, so today we will be giving out some dharma teaching based on my experience in mind training or achieving inner peace. In those days, most of the great lamas and teachers have given teachings on this topic but sometimes I think that it is too profound for ordinary people to understand. Since I have not received any higher education so I will be giving out this teaching in an easier way. It is my wish and hope that this message will bring help to all of you.

Based on my perception and experience in this society, I would like to share some of these to all of you. Nowadays, most of the teens have been going and learning from Universities for couple of years. However, once they have step into the society, they have encounter failure in keeping up with the society because of lacking in life experiences. The reason that they fail to do so is because of unwillingness to accept and recognize the way of life. Nonetheless, in order to survive in this world, our behavior and attitude plays a very significant part in our lives. Plus, these are the things that students will not learn from school and school will not provide such education for students. Thus, this is why Buddhism is very important. Even the Universities in United States, China and a few other countries have provided subjects related to Buddhism. The value of this teachings is far more worthy than our possessions. Hence, teachers should not only provide text book based knowledge but also sharing their experience in communication and socialization within the society.

Here, we will talk a little bit about the benefit of Buddha’s teachings. It is understandable that some of you who are reading this might read with faith or without faith. However, in Buddhism, one with or without faith and devotion is merely based on one’s freedom. Those who are highly educated should understand the Teachings of Buddha, even the doctrine is exceptionally profound but whoever have this knowledge will gain tremendous benefits from it.

As you have learned about Buddhism, you will never attempt to harm yourself by taking drugs or commit suicide. For example, when I was young, I have been studying Buddhism and have great faith in Buddha’s teachings. Despite that I didn’t know that Buddhism is that essential and important. After stepping into the society, only have I realized the importance of it. Compare to the period when I was studying in monastery and stepping into society, I have lesser defilements while I was in the monastery. Thus, the current society should take Buddhism as a foundation of their life. A lot of people think that dharma is too deep to understand, or a Buddhist should learn Buddhism in a cave, or their lifestyle should be opposed or cut off from the outside world. But learning Buddhism is not like that at all.

Likewise, our education system is designed to study from primary, secondary and tertiary, in accordance to one’s intelligent and it is not being treated equally. However, in Buddhism, everyone is treated equally without being staged in different level based on one’s intelligent, and able to study whichever teachings they preferred or liked. No matter which position the person is holding, the doctrine of Buddhism is extremely important that one should not ignore the importance of it. Likewise, if you practice it diligently, you will gain tremendous benefits from it.

Especially in the current society, when people encounter with some sufferings in life, their mind will become emotionally fragile. It doesn’t matter you are rich or highly educated, but once you have fall into the mire of samsara, it is not easy to pull off from the sufferings. Even when the most famous writer or person today faced the four sufferings (born, aging, sickness, death), they are all like an ordinary, they couldn’t bear it as well and choose to commit suicide. The best solution to solve this kind of problem is Buddhism. If one faithfully and devotedly practice the dharma, then one should know how life is revolving around and how meaningful it is. With the wisdom of Buddha dharma, whenever you encounter with any kinds of suffering, you will not fall into sadness or depression easily.

I do not have any intention  to get anything from you even after you have learned this.  In Buddhism,  we emphasize on impermanence so frequently, but some may still think of everlasting. When people talk about wealth, health, property and more, they wouldn’t think these materials as impermanence. Hence, without any knowledge about impermanence, one may still be shield by the veil of illusion, thinking that everything is permanent. For example, some have been working for 10 years, and with the little success they have, they wouldn’t think of impermanence and simply just living the same life. But after a few years of unsuccessful, they will start to suffer tremendously and all past 10 years have been wasted. Thus, teachers and lectures from primary school to university should teach their students about this, and be reminded not to underestimate the importance of it. If one study till doctorate just for the sake of own’s wealth and merely thinking of own’s good, then whatever you wished will not succeed. If your intention is just to live happily ever after, but the result doesn’t always end up the way you think. If your motivation is just for your own good, then you are likely the most unwise person.

In current society, everyone seems to be chasing after luxurious materials, and being  confused by the purpose of life. There are many university graduates who just enter the society couldn’t bear the life pressure and feel a sense of lost in freedom. They would think that living in this world becomes meaningless, and start engaging in things that are forbidden. I have heard some parents from overseas tend to set a very high standard of living for their children, in terms getting a doctorate, and requesting a certain amount of salary. Due to all these demands and pressures, the children have ended up committing suicide. This happens not only among university graduates but primary and secondary students as well. Recently I have come to know a 11 years old boy who wanted to end his life. The reason is he thinks that life is meaningless and his parents are always quarrelling. I was so surprise and sad to know that a boy at this young age would have this kind of thought. The development in technology advancement has made a young boy like him to choose to end his life because of all the sufferings that he couldn’t bear.

Besides, our current life is far better than before, making us not to worry about necessities. However, there are still a lot of people who are unhappy because they do not understand the purpose of life. Just like a flock of birds flying together, not knowing the direction they are heading but continue to follow the crowd. The reason is they do not have a good teacher to guide them, and most of the students went to school are merely to score good grades, none of them are given advice on how to become a good person. They do not have any experience about the meaning of human life and the quality of it. Those with no dream or vision will continue to live lifelessly, what a pity!

To all those people, I would like to advise them to learn some basic of Buddha teachings. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a Buddhist to do so, take it as learning a knowledge. If you truly practice Buddhism, then you would find your life and career changing for the better. This is why Buddha has taught us about cause and effect. It doesn’t matter whichever life you were born in this world, most of them would accept it, as it is the law of truthiness. Most of the law created in this world is just to differentiate out good and bad, but the greatest of all would be cause and effect. Whichever religion you are, you still need to believe in cause and effect, even the scientist too.

Lastly, I hope that my short message will help those who are encountering with this problem. With the advancement in science technology, it will lead more people to suffer and find it hard survive. Thus, everyone must learn something that can protect yourself. And I think the best protection will be Buddha teaching, and most importantly it’s suitable for everyone. That’s all for today. Thank you.


Palden Nyima Rinpoche 24/11/2020

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