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Most powerful method of Confession!

The The Narak Kong Shak puja was successfully held on 27/8/22.

Through this, obscurations of our body, speech and mind which we accumulated since the beginningless time will be purified.

Narak Kong Shak is a famous practice of confession and fulfilment associated with the Narak Dongtruk ('Emptying the Lower Realms from their Very Depths') tantra. It is known as one of the most powerful and important methods or practices of confession within the Nyingma tradition, and is also a particularly powerful prayer for those who have died or are ill.

Also, Konchok Chidu and Offering to Dharmapalas were performed alongside to accumulate merits. Thank to Palden Nyima Rinpoche for leading the prayer and to those who were part of this.

May the merit of these auspicious prayers be dedicated to all sentient beings!


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