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to Kunzang Chokhor Ling

The faith of total trust allows blessings to enter you


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Dzogchen Preliminary Practice

Consultation with Palden Nyima Rinpoche

On an appointment basis

Every Mon-Sun


ZOOM ID: 799 383 0549
PASSWORD: 527579

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“Whatever has to happen, let it happen!

Whatever the situation is, it's fine!

I really don't need anything!”


Three Fierce Mantras


Support Our Association

We would like KCL to be firmly established as a vehicle for the transmission of the extraordinary teachings of Dzogpachenpo (the highest teaching of Buddha), in the modern world. In order for this to happen, it is crucially important that we become genuine practitioners of the Dharma, motivated by the sincere wish to bring all beings to the state of enlightenment. This is the vision of KCL, which is in the true spirit of bodhichitta, as we seek to make a lasting contribution to the Dharma, for the benefit of all humanity.

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